Our History

Welcome at MOTORCBU.COM !

In long years before CEO born and growing at street race & track neighborhood, in senior high school was time to race in Ancol track.

Times move fast, CEO is bussy with his electronic company. One time his friends ride Harley Davidson invite to joint had pushed "Start button" turn ON the  bikes & tunning hobby.

From hobby turn to business, legal import started of Supersport Yamaha YZF-R6, now we playing all brand / model of motorcycle to sell.

We please U to visit our product & gallery to know what is selling or sold bike over the years.

By our sense of hobby, we bring for u of many Limited edition superbike, supersport and even touring bikes for collector in Indonesia market.

God bless u all....have good ride....

Our Business

Thank you for visiting our website.

Over the years 'Big motorcycle' riders has been growing in Indonesia, with this oppurnity and since our hobby of motorcycles never die we start to do the business.

Motorcycles Import
We 've been doing  Legal motorcycles imports only for our various Japan, Europe and USA bikes in standard spec or full option and some Limited edition of superbike, supersport, enduro and touring bikes for Indonesia market.

Many thank's for Mr.Septo CEO PT.BRP 'Spyder Indonesia' Because our good reputation official PT.BRP trust us to corporate with for all SPYDER CAM-AM importation. 

Any new corporate contract are welcome for importation consulting and services.

Special Order
In the world of motorcycle found so many brand & model is selling arround which maybe some model we don't have ready in stock, please feel free to contact us to get more details or can not stand to put an order of bike u desire to ride on..by click order@motorcbu.com

Acessories & OEM parts
Our tunning desire never end for every motorcycles, we always follow up race result and latest released from branded performance parts. We try to bring the best performance parts for customer needs. 
Also we always  provide OEM parts keep ur motorcycles in perfect condition.

All official performance parts factory offers are welcome to us..by click info@motorcbu.com

Motorcycles Export
For overseas clients about our love country Indonesia is production basis small engine motorcycle like Thailand. If u need any Indonesian motorcycle  our pleasure to do export for U even by air or by sea FCL to your country with all legal export process..more info by click info@motorcbu.com

It's a pleasure to start business with U and our goal is growing up together.